Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer | Experimental Vocalist
Fragments for the Space Between
I composed and performed Fragments for the Space Between, a vocal structure with a stereo fixed media field recording, and metal/can resonators for Debra Loewen's interdisciplinary production In the Space Between, with her Wild Space Dance Company, September 15-17, 2011. Duration 90'

Reviews for In the Space Between:
"Wherever you are, be sure to follow the ethereal singing of Amanda Schoofs, crystalline tones that cut through the space’s white noise, but also occasionally drop into a gut-bucket, field-holler growl.Toward the end of the dance, Schoofs and Laura Murphy perform a duet in front of the screens, the two urging each other on like two jazz masters in a cutting session." Paul Kosidowski (Milwaukee Magazine)

"The audio design was superb. I followed the sound of metal cans on strings dragged across the cobbles by dancers, and enthusiastically pursued the brilliant wordless vocalizing of Amanda Schoofs. The main room featured a recording of the site's true ambient sounds, including trains passing to and from the station outside. Listening to a recorded train, I entered the courtyard, into the identical sound occurring live – a magical disorientation." John Schneider (Shepherd Express Milwaukee)

Photo by Matt Swenke
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