Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer | Experimental Vocalist
An interdisciplinary improvisation structure for two artists who both move/dance and sing. Choreographed by Debra Loewen, Artistic Director of Wild Space Dance Company, with feedback from myself and Laura Murphy. Layers was created as part of Wild Space's production Luscious, and premiered during 2013 in Appleton, WI on January 11 at Lawrence University, and in Milwaukee, WI from March 14-16 at the Rep's Steimke theater. Photo by Matt Swenke.

Reviews for Layers:
"Even more amazing was the long improvisation by Laura Murphy and Amanda Schoofs. Dressed glamorously in black, both performers vocalized wordlessly while dancing according to separate but interactive structures created by Loewen. Each woman was acutely alert to the other's voice and body, responsive but self-sufficient and individually creative. They made an exquisite team. The singing was alternately melodic, percussive, operatic and ethereal; the movements were full-bodied, sultry and playful with intricate, intimate partnering. The result, titled Layers, was unlike any dance I've ever seen." John Schneider (Shepherd Express Milwaukee)

"Schoofs' reactions bordered on skat, with choppy exclamations and surprised tones racing from her throat. It was entirely original, breathtaking in its delivery." Danielle McClune (Third Coast Digest)

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