Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer | Experimental Vocalist
Intimate Addictions
Intimate Addictions (2014) a visual and poetic score
For any performance, no matter how radical, by any performer/s, for any duration
Portfolio of Archival Inkjet Prints (7.5"x 5")

Intimate Addictions is an exploitation of equilibrium through a balancing of extremes. The score explores brutal inharmonic aggression stabilized by exquisite, forbidden beauty; pure sustained pitch embedded with grating, metallic noise; and alluring, intimate phrases interwoven with raucous, glitch-fucked symmetry. Both a catalyst, and a restraint Intimate Addictions deliberately provokes distinct musical and performance qualities. Poetic directives and raw painted marks were created to be equally explicit and obscure.

The score has a unique mobile structure that actuates diverse performance possibilities. It invites you to embrace spontaneity in performance, while demanding an intensely personal and intimate exploration of performance. To Play: Choose your cards, by any means, in combinations of 2, 4, 6, or 9. Explore the possibilities of different card combinations. If playing with others, you can choose to play from the same cards, or from different cards, or a combination of both. Cards should be placed on a flat surface in a matrix. Play with different layouts, discovering longer continuities of line, gesture, and idea between multiple cards. When playing, let your eyes move throughout the matrix, performing the scores in any order; playing them linearly or simultaneously; with or without repetition.

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