Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer | Experimental Vocalist

Pierce (from Cadmium Dust by Skøefst)
Skøefst is the improvising trio of Amanda Schoofs (voice and electronics), Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), and Christopher Burns (electric guitar). Their performances explore raw, noisy, and gritty sounds, placed in both slow-burning, spacious architectures and in furious outpourings of jagged energy.

The group's first album, Cadmium Dust, presents eight studio improvisations recorded over a day in November 2012. The record integrates looping, twisted polyrhythms, obsessive repetition and fragmentation of sung phonemes and syllables, metallic, clattering textures, stretched and distorted tunings, the use of guitar and voice as percussive elements, and explorations of feedback. Each CD comes in a custom-made, hand-sewn and -painted package produced by the band. Cadmium Dust will be available in CD and digital formats following our September 10, 2013 release concert at the INOVA gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Cadmium Dust is available now for streaming, download, and in a CD edition with unique, hand-painted, hand-sewn packaging produced by the band. Purchase
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