Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer : Experimental Vocalist : Artist
Pierce (from Cadmium Dust by Skøefst)Skøefst 
September 13, 2013Skøefst 
September 13, 2013Fieldwork
August 29, 2012Quartet Improvisation
July 1, 2013Free Improvisation
February 17, 2012Steal Into the World
March 1, 2013Free Improvisation
July 13, 2012Minor Vices 
July 11, 2013Minor Vices 
July 11, 2013Minor Vices
July 2013Acedia
March 3, 2012MiLO – Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra
2012Soft Alarm
August 2, 2012Soft Alarm
August 2, 2012Alligator Char
November 12, 2012 
August 24, 2012Skøefst 
August 24, 2012Skøefst 
August 24, 2012Amanda Schoofs
July 25 2012Free Improvisation
July 25, 2012MiLO – Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra
April 21, 2012Aria with Fontana Mix
October 28, 2012Free Improvisation 
May 6, 201262 Mesostics re Merce Cunningham
August 16, 2012Fieldwork 
October 27, 2011Collision
April 16, 2011The Console Project
January 11, 2010Brazen + Bruised
December 6, 2009Brazen + Bruised 
December 6, 2009Free Improvisation
December 6, 2009Brazen + Bruised premiere
November 2009Brazen + Bruised premiere
Ink Makes a Sound Exhibition
November 2009Blue Stockings
October 11, 2009Free Improvisation
May 16, 2008Say Somethings by Amanda Schoofs
March 8, 2008the ebb by Jason Hoopes
March 6, 2008Pycrete Choir
December 13, 2007Impressions
December 12, 2007Impressions
December 12, 2007Cobra by John Zorn
April 4, 2007Free Improvisation
December 2, 2006Free Improvisation
December 2, 2006Mills Improvisation Ensemble
February 24, 2007Squall by Olivia Block (World premiere)
November 4, 2006Amanda Schoofs Press ImageLive
Vocal Performance
Experimental vocalist Amanda Schoofs specializes in extended vocal technique and improvisation, fusing her contemporary vocal palette with vintage styles of chant, opera, chanson, blues, and punk. Always pushing the limits, Amanda exposes extremes in timbre, texture, and breath; interwoven with ethereal melodies, intimate phonemes, and percussive, nonsensical text.

Amanda frequently realizes indeterminate works by contemporary composers, and performs many classic graphic and text scores. Recent performances include Loose Pages with Alison Knowles at the Milwaukee Art Museum; John Cage’s Songbooks (Aria A and B) and Aria w/Fontana Mix; Debra Loewen's Layers and In the Space Between; and Christopher Burns’ Fieldwork, Misdemeanors, and Alligator Char.

Recent Discography
Cadmium Dust, Skøefst, Universal Reptile, 2013. CD/Download
Misdemeanors, Minor Vices, composition by Christopher Burns, Universal Reptile, 2013. Download

Recent Projects
Skøefst is the improvising trio of Amanda Schoofs (voice and electronics), Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), and Christopher Burns (electric guitar). We explore raw, noisy, and gritty sounds, placed in both slow-burning, spacious architectures and in furious outpourings of jagged energy. Listen Website

Minor Vices an improvisatory ensemble presenting the work of Christopher Burns. Featuring: C. Burns (guitar), David Collins (saxophone) Adam Murphy (clarinets), Trevor Saint (glockenspiel), Kevin Schlei (tabla/electronics), Amanda Schoofs (voice) and Seth Warren-Crow (drum kit/electronics). Listen Website

Great Lakes Improvising Orchestra Thirteen Wisconsin-based composers and improvisers, organized and conducted by Hal Rammel, exploring collective large ensemble improvisation.

MiLO–Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra an improvisation collective fusing live electronic sound, instrumental and vocal performance into a rich multimedia experience. Listen Website