Amanda Schoofs                                             Composer : Experimental Vocalist : Artist
Layers LayersMy Lipstick is the Color of Your HeartMy Lipstick is the Color of Your HeartMy Lipstick is the Color of Your HeartStudies in Space (a Tate Bunker film)
Studies in Space (a Tate Bunker Film)Studies in Space (a Tate Bunker Film)Fragments for the Space Between
Interdisciplinary Projects
The provocative nature of collaboration pushes me to expand into a broader self.

Recent projects
Layers (2012-13) Debra Loewen's improvisation structure for vocalist and dancer, created as part of her show Luscious. I performed Layers as a guest vocalist with Wild Space Dance Company.

My Lipstick is the Color of Your Heart (2012) a duet for movement and vocal artists created in collaboration with Laura Murphy

Studies in Space (2012) a short film by Tate Bunker, I perform vocally in the film and co-composed and performed the film score in collaboration with Seth Warren-Crow

Fragments for the Space Between (2011) for solo voice, stereo fixed media, and metal can resonaters; I composed and performed the work as a guest artist with Debra Loewen's Wild Space Dance Company.